7 Not-So-Ordinary Phrases

lead with people speak with people Dec 26, 2022
An Extraordinary Gift




Do you know that you have an extraordinary gift?

Most people don’t realize they have it. It may even come as a surprise and shock that you have it. It’s one of those gifts that can lie dormant for years until we either have a life changing moment or an ‘ah hah’ moment that can bring the gift to life. Once it’s awakened, you will wonder where it’s always been and why you haven’t used it more. But, when you figure out how to use this extraordinary gift, look out, your life will never be the same.

You may be asking yourself, what is this extraordinary gift that I may or may not have?

Every single person has been created with different skills, talents and gifts. We are all uniquely different and bring something special to this world. Some people are meant to be doctors, some are meant to be mathematicians and some are meant to build furniture. But, the incredible reality is, we all have been given this gift and using it will drastically change your life.

Here’s the surprising reality about this gift, it will not only change your life, but it will change the lives of the people around you as well! It’s a two for one gift, which is the best kind! Your life will be better because you use it. The lives of others will be better as well simply because you used it.

I don’t know what your current goals are for 2023 or if you have a game plan for the new year, but I’d love to challenge you to consider using your extraordinary gift in the new year to change lives. This is your opportunity to step into a life that you didn’t even possibly know was available to you.

What is this gift that is so life changing?




Words. Every single person on the planet has been given the gift of speaking words that have the potential and power to breathe life into others! Did you know that was a gift? Did you know that even if you don’t like to be around people, you still possess this incredible gift? Did you know that a large percentage of the human beings on the planet have not had this gift awakened in their lives and it just lays dormant? It’s true.

How do I know? Just look around and observe people in person and online. It won’t take long to realize that yes, many people are using words, but they are doing the opposite of breathing life into the world with their worlds. They’re doing the exact opposite and unfortunately they are speaking words that drain, destroy, and dismantle others. It doesn’t have to be that way. There is a better way and you and I have the potential to confront the negativity that is occurring rapidly and speak words that breathe life into the world.

I know for some, the gift has been lying dormant because you have been hurt by the power of words. I get it. I’ve been there. Words and the way they’ve been spoken to us can hurt and leave a mark for a lifetime. But, your world desperately needs you to rise above the past hurt, pain and hesitancy, and become someone who speaks encouraging words that can bring an incredible amount of hope, joy and life to the people in your world.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, what does it take for me to have this gift awakened in my life? It’s truly simple, you have to decide to use words that matter. Words that breathe life, fill up, challenge and encourage others. That’s it. It’s up to you to decide.

When you make this decision, your life will never be the same. You will find out rapidly, that the more you pour into others, your life will be blessed and your life will be changed for the better.

Why? Because caring for others more than yourself is an incredible virtue and value to make as a priority in your life. Many people live by what’s called the golden rule. It says to “treat others the way you want to be treated”. Can you imagine if we lived that way? Just think of all the compound interest in that way of life!

Rory Vaden, author and motivational speaker says; “Helping others succeed is a fire that will never burn out”. It’s so true. Speaking words that breathe life into the world and backing them up with your actions is a gift! And we all have that gift and Rory is correct, you will just keep going to help others.

I challenge you to use your gift of speaking words of hope!




There are so many words and phrases that have the power and potential to change someone’s life, but I shifted through dozens of them and have settled on these seven. Your life will not be the same if you make this a regular practice. Start by adding these phrases into your everyday life, and trust me, your life will change and you will speak life-giving words to others.

The 7 Phrases:

  1. I love you. Even if they're the most hardened person on the planet, everyone needs to hear these words. Say them sincerely, slowly and often. Remind the people in your life that you love them and you love every part of them. 
  2. I’m sorry. Two words that can have a profound effect on both you and the person you’re speaking these two words to. Seek to be humble and open for correction. Look for ways that you might have hurt people and be quick to apologize. Say these words with humility and with empathy. 
  3. You matter. People need to be reminded that they matter. There aren't enough encouraging words to go around, so don’t shy away from speaking these two words into people's lives. 
  4. You are enough. In a day and age where everyone is comparing their lives with someone else’s social media highlight reel, people need to be reminded that they can just focus on being the best version of themselves. 
  5. Thank you. No one is going to turn you away if you’re saying thank you! And, be creative when you say thank you. Here are some examples: Thank you… for being you, for being here, for loving me, for believing in me, for being so thoughtful.
  6. Help me understand. Conflict is a normal part of all types of relationships and we’re all going to experience it. However, don’t either ignore it and hope it goes away on its own, nor bulldoze through it. Instead, ask the person this question to have a hard yet healthy conversation about the differences of opinion or whatever has created the rift. 
  7. I admire ______. Finally, here is another phrase where you can get a little creative. Tell someone you admire them and then tell them what you admire about them. Don’t shy away! Unleash specific examples of your admiration. 

You have a gift. Actually, you have an extraordinary gift that you can begin to use and deploy in your life and leadership.

So, what’s holding you back?

Maybe you haven’t used it in a long time, it’s been lying dormant, and you have forgotten about it. Or maybe you’re just afraid to put yourself out there. But, I guarantee when you do, when you use the gift of speaking words and phrases into the world that breathe life and hope and encouragement and challenge and love and kindness, you will change someone’s life. You can interrupt their day with your words that will boost, encourage and push them to something greater and better with their life.

And, when you live this way long enough, your life will also change. So, don’t miss out on what 2023 could hold for you. Add these phrases to your everyday life and see what happens!


Jason Raitz - Founder of Speak with People & Communication Coach