Healthy Communication Training

When leaders regularly choose to communicate in healthy ways:

  • The team and the organization benefit greatly
  • Improved collaboration
  • Increased innovation
  • Higher engagement
  • Better customer relations and staff retention 
  • Morale improves drastically

If we aren't careful:


It is very easy for a steady stream of unhealthy communication to negatively change the course of the culture.
Demeaning, dismantling and passive aggressive words will prevail. Unhealthy communication will become the norm.

We exist to help you as a communicator through training.


Your Next Steps

1. Schedule a discovery call

2. Choose the best training option for your team

3. Invest in your team's communication success.



Jamie Snyder


Jason is top 1% when it comes to his grasp of words and his ability to use them for effective communication. He is a masterclass level storyteller who can have you laughing, crying or both within a matter of a few words. Most importantly he is able to help others hone their own ability with words, and does so with grace and patience.

Ryan Latham


Jason was a guest speaker for my coaching group of professional speakers. He was funny, engaging, and provided a clear - easy to follow roadmap for bringing clarity to their messages. If you want to take your speaking to the next level, I would highly recommend Jason and Speak with People.

Andrew Alesso


Our team at Thrive still uses the systems for service and message planning that I learned in a training from Jason Raitz. We expect all of our leaders at Thrive to participate in regular training because we believe that everybody wins when leaders grow. If you're looking to take your communication to the next level, I highly recommend connecting with Speak with People

Do you Speak WITH or AT People?



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