Healthy communication = oxygen for relationships + leadership

  • Every single human being needs to communicate
  • Everyone has the choice between healthy and unhealthy communication

When we choose to communicate in healthy ways our lives and those around us drastically change for the better


Meet Jason Raitz...


Jason elevates the importance and practice of healthy communication in leaders' lives.
Every leader gets to choose if they will communicate in healthy or unhealthy ways. When leaders choose unhealthy communication, that's when the wheels will fall off of their leadership and chaos will take over.
Jason will motivate your company or event to choose healthy communication. 

What kind of speaker do you need?


  • Edu-Fun-Cational  (Great for Company parties or Conference Keynotes. High emphasis on laughter, entertaining and fun)
  • Keynote (Laughter + Stories, High emphasis on inspiration and challenge) 

  • Training (Great for workshops and seminars. High emphasis on training leaders to choose to communicate in healthy ways)



Speak With People Not Them


Our world is starving for healthy communication. Often, leaders choose to communicate in unhealthy ways (whether it's 1 on 1, to their team, from a stage or from a screen) and that creates chaos in their leadership. Healthy communication is a necessity for leaders and each leader decides between healthy or unhealthy. Healthy communication is oxygen for their leadership, relationships and communication and unhealthy communication is destruction. This talk will encourage, motivate and inspire leaders to choose to Speak with People and not at them.

Words Matter


Words are one of the most dangerous weapons in existence. They have an unbelievable power to dismantle and destroy someone's emotions, thinking and life. Words are so powerful because they create, they shape and they stick with people. Julian Treasure says: "There is power in what you say, and what you say there is power". As leaders, we need to become people who choose and use words that breathe life into the world. When we do, we can drastically change someone's life. This talk will encourage, challenge and motivate leaders to use words that matter.



Jamie Snyder


Jason is top 1% when it comes to his grasp of words and his ability to use them for effective communication. He is a masterclass level storyteller who can have you laughing, crying or both within a matter of a few words. Most importantly he is able to help others hone their own ability with words, and does so with grace and patience.

Phil Owen 


Jason is one of those great communicators who takes his audience on a journey. He has the ability to relate to crowds- whether large or small, older or younger, a first time audience, or group that has heard him week in and week out. If you're considering Jason as a speaker for your event, you can be assured that your audience will be engaged, challenged, and encouraged!

Joe Mazzenga


I have heard many communicators and Jason is one of the best! Jason is a gifted communicator. Whether he is teaching hundreds of students or training a room full of adults, he is an absolutely fantastic communicator. He is clear, concise and he uses real life stories to bring his content alive to emphasize his points.. I have had countless experiences of feeling as though Jason is speaking directly to me in a room full of a 1000 people. I really believe he has unlimited potential and talent.

Ryan Latham


Jason was a guest speaker for my coaching group of professional speakers. He was funny, engaging, and provided a clear, easy to follow roadmap for brining clarity to their messages. If you want to take your speaking to the next level, I would highly recommend Jason and Speak with People.