Communicate Your Goals

speak with people Feb 05, 2024
Send Your Goals into Hyperdrive




Do you remember watching Star Wars the first time?

Aside from a few people on the planet who haven’t, for the rest of us, the first time was magical. The story, the plot lines, the characters, the spaceships, the light sabers and the fights were all amazing.

Remember the key scene when Hans Solo and Chewbacca are getting ready to outrun the Galactic fleet? They rush into the millennium falcon and start flipping all the switches. Hans Solo turns on the hyperdrive (a propulsion device that helps the ship travel at light speed) but when he flips it on, nothing happens. Chewbacca is just sitting there yelling. Han Solo is upset and Luke Skywalker is shouting in the background.

This is exactly what happens when you don’t communicate your goals.

Our communication is like the hyperdrive. Without communication, most likely, they won’t go anywhere. You have all this potential power behind you, but not communicating your goals is like not using the hyperdrive to propel you forward.

One of the absolute best ways to accomplish your goals is to communicate them.

I know this from firsthand experience. There is crazy power that erupts when you take the bold step to communicate your goals with other human beings. Whether you communicate privately to a few close people in your life or publicly, there is just something about putting your goals out there that makes them real and sends them into hyperdrive.

It’s time to communicate your goals.

Your goals matter and they are going to do great things for your life. Just imagine the boost of confidence, the boost to your abilities, and the compound interest that will develop because you're crushing your goals.

Back to Star Wars.

When Hans and Chewy (that’s what those of us in the Star Wars fan club call him) finally figure out how to get it to work, they flip the switch and bam, they hit light speed! They outrun the bad guys and they all take a collective breath of relief. This is what’s on the other side of communicating your goals!

The question is, when do I communicate my goals and to whom?




Our goal setting series has equipped you with the tools to identify and set meaningful goals. Basically, you should be ready to crush your goals!

Now, it's time to shift our focus to an incredibly important component of crushing your goals: communicating them to the right people. When and how we communicate our goals can significantly impact our success.

Before you communicate your goals, figure out who are the best people to communicate too. I know it’s difficult and you’re probably already thinking about which people you would want to know and those you don’t. Yet, finding the right people will push you over the edge and help you crush your goals.

You defy the odds of reaching your goals when you communicate rather than trying to do it all on your own. When you pull in a close, trusted circle of friends or the right people in your social media connections, they can provide amazing accountability and help you reach your goals.

A good place to start is with your spouse or significant other, your coach if you have one, and then the people in your life that want you to succeed. These are the people who are always there for you and on your side regardless of the ups or downs that you experience.

First, take a moment and think about who these people are and write down their names.

Next, make sure you have achieved clarity with your goals and are committed to reaching them. This will help make sure that your vision is solidified. Once that happens, it's easier for others to understand and support your aspirations.

Finally, share your goals when the timing aligns for both you and your support group. Timing is key. Consider the nature of your goal and the relationships involved. Think through everything going on in your life and the lives of the people you’re asking to help support you.

I’ll give you an example from my life.

Despite being active most of my life, I have constantly struggled with my weight. For years, I ran every single day and did CrossFit, which helped manage my weight when I was in my 20s and still had great metabolism. But, years ago I hurt my back. If I were to lift a 20-pound box the wrong way, I will be laid out on my back in pain. With that back pain has come the inability to run or even bend. For years, I used that as an excuse for why I’ve carried around the extra weight.

In 2020, one of our kids was struggling with a deep depression. After three years of trying to get him help, we found an amazing psychiatrist who recommended new medication along with a big change in his food choices. In order to stand by him and help him, my wife and I decided to eat the same foods. It meant cutting out all sugar, carbs, dairy, and foods that cause high inflammation.

It was quite a change for us. But we had each other so we just kept moving forward and in three months we looked and felt like different people.

After three months, I decided I wanted to keep going and created a new plan. I started to share my wins online. 30 pounds lost, 40 pounds lost, 50 pounds lost, 60 pounds lost. Every time I shared, I received a new level of support and encouragement. Yes, there were people who were critical and said horrifically awful things, but they were easy to dismiss those comments. I was feeling and looking great.

That wouldn’t have happened without communicating my goals and wins online.




Here are a few tips to communicate your goal with your small support group, large group of friends or online:

Be Authentic.

Authenticity is the foundation of effective goal communication. Be genuine, expressing your passion and reasons behind each goal. Authenticity builds trust and encourages meaningful connections with those around you.

Choose the Right Platform.

Consider the right platform for your goals. While social media may be okay for certain goals, others might require a more personal touch. Choose platforms that align with the nature of your goals and the level of intimacy you want to maintain.

Share Your Story.

Turn your goals into an exciting story. Share the why behind each goal, including the challenges you expect and the lessons you hope to learn. A well-crafted story engages your audience and invites them to be a part of your journey.

Use Positive Language.

Speak and write positive language when communicating your goals. Focus on what you aim to achieve rather than what you wish to avoid. Positive framing not only uplifts your own mindset but also encourages a supportive and optimistic response from others.

Be Open to Feedback.

Embrace it! Feedback will come and is an essential piece of communicating your goals. Be open to constructive criticism and suggestions. Feedback can offer valuable insights, helping you refine your goals and approach.

Set Boundaries.

While sharing goals is important, establish clear boundaries. Not every detail needs to be public. Some goals may be better communicated in specific settings. I’ve had to learn that one the hard way! Balance openness with the need for personal privacy.

Celebrate Others’ Goals.

This is HUGE! As you communicate your goals, take a genuine interest in the aspirations of others. Celebrate their successes and offer support. A culture of mutual encouragement enhances the overall environment for goal pursuit.

Trust me, you don’t want to be in the seat of the Millennium Falcon and flip the light speed switch and nothing happens. You have worked too hard on your goals. You have done the hardest part. Now work your plan

When you communicate your goals to the right people, your hyperdrive will kick in. From my firsthand experience, by month six, I knew that my hyperdrive worked because I was experiencing great success with my goals.

Effectively communicating your goals is a skill that enhances both personal and interpersonal growth. By choosing the right time, being authentic, and using positive language, you can create a supportive environment for your goals. Remember, goal communication is a dynamic process that evolves as your journey progresses. Every month will be different and will bring it’s own set of challenges.

Keep at it. Keep sharing. And enjoy crushing your goals.


By Jason Raitz - President, Speak with People

Jason is a life-long student of healthy communication and does Healthy Communication Training for groups of all sizes ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small organizations to one-on-one coaching.