The Leadership Collective Excerpt 1

lead with people Nov 20, 2023
Let Your Journey Begin


A ship at sea can be steered, but a docked boat is immovable.


When a ship is sailing, it can change course, change direction, and navigate to its destination. Sailing the seas requires courage—the courage to face the unknown and the risks of harsh weather and sudden changes.

As leaders, we must take the initiative and get started even when we don't have all the answers, feel uncertain about ourselves, or aren't completely ready. Waiting for the perfect moment or trying to figure out everything beforehand often leads to stagnation. It is through action, through setting sail, that we learn, grow, and find our way. As we navigate the sea of opportunities, we can adjust our course, make corrections, and steer towards our goals.

Conversely, a docked boat, despite its potential, remains static and immobile, unable to reach any destination. Whether you're a leader aiming to inspire a team or an individual on your personal journey, remember the docked boat. Don't wait for certainty before you start because certainty will not come. Embrace the unknown, take action, and set sail. Only then can you steer your ship—your life, your team, your journey—towards the destination you desire.

Take action today, and let your journey begin.


By Ryan Latham - Founder of Renewed Leadership

Ryan is a coach, author, speaker, and founder of Renewed Leadership, a leadership development organization committed to equipping leaders from the inside out.