The Leadership Collective Excerpt 4

lead with people Dec 11, 2023
Clarity Breeds Permission


Leaders ask questions.


Clarity is such a funny concept. In itself, it’s abstract, so it sounds like an oxymoron, don’t you agree? Many throw the word out generically, but clarity requires awareness. No other thing increases awareness to our current landscape than a set of thought-provoking questions. Funny, even your brain loves questions.

So let’s nerd out a bit, shall we? Questions make the brain release serotonin, which causes the brain to relax. When the brain answers the question, there is a rush of dopamine. Amazing stuff, huh?

Nothing will bring more clarity to your life, business, or relationships than questions. Questions unlock revelation. Revelation brings clarity. Equipped with the right set of questions, you will achieve the level of awareness you need about anything to unlock clarity. And when clarity is there for all involved parties, the door for action is open.

In this moment, permission is given.

As leaders, watch those you are leading step into their purpose and calling. Watch your vision come to life. Watch your relationships improve and your endeavors expand. Not because you’ve created something new, but simply because the right questions revealed the heartbeat of a situation, and now you act. Clarity breeds permission.

So, what is your question?


By Barbara Carneiro - Founder, Word Revolution

Barbara is a senior strategist and works in the communication industry to provide strategic communication services for organizations.