The Leadership Collective Excerpt 5

lead with people Dec 18, 2023
Never Give Up


Don’t let failure be final.


I recently received some feedback from my team. They told me that I never talk about my failures. That got me thinking and they are right; I don’t talk about my failures.

The reason though may surprise you: I don’t know that I ever fail.

That is not to say that I don’t experience setbacks or challenges because I do. When I face those setbacks I get right back at it! I don’t let that failure be the end of the story. I work with my teams to find a way to change our current situation, moving past that setback. We develop a plan to improve the situation and then get at it.

I would encourage you to never give up or allow that temporary “failure” to be where the story ends. Always find a way to overcome that challenge in front of you.


By Dennis Neel - Executive at a Fortune 500 Company

Dennis takes a unique, entrepreneurial approach in leading his teams while strategically building partnerships with customers and mentoring young talent. Dennis’s regular interactions with senior executives has allowed him to hone his skills in a high pressure environment.


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