Living and telling stories of generosity | Episode 025

Generosity changes lives. It breathes life into people who have been on life support and clinging on for hope. As leaders, we all have a choice if we are going to live generous lives. Are we going to be generous with our encouragement? Are we going to be generous with our leadership and influence? Are we going to be personally generous with our resources? Are we going to lead our organizations to be generous? In today’s Speak with People, we are joined by Shea Prisk. Shea is a generous champion! He planted Grumlaw Church and then modeled irrational generosity. Grumlaw is one of the most giving and generous Churches in America. The lives they have blessed through generosity is just amazing. Get ready to be inspired, laugh, cry and be encouraged.

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Mr. Beast John Tyson Podcast

The BS Report (sports podcast)

Live No Lies by John Mark Comer / The Barbarian Way Erwin McMannus

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