Stop Talking, Start Doing | Episode 029

Why does it seem that most people would rather talk about their dreams than actually doing something today to make them happen? Why is that the case and is it for you? Would you rather talk about your dreams and tell others what you’re doing to do someday or would you rather learn how to do it today? What holds us back from dreaming and proudly telling others what our dreams are? What’s the difference between leaders who make their dreams become a reality and those who don’t? What separates them? In today’s Speak with People podcast episode we are joined by Jerome Myers. As a former Fortune 550 division leader, nationally recognized multifamily investor, peak performance business coach, and successful entrepreneur, Jerome Myers knows what it takes to turn dreams into reality. In many circles he is known as the “how” guy and gets the call when someone is trying to bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to go. Thanks for being joining us today and we hope this encourages you to Stop talking and start going after your dreams.

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