How do I Lead With Authenticity with Damian Gerke | Episode 068

Are you to embark on a transformative journey with author Damian Gerke to unravel the profound art of leading with people, not at them. Discover how to move beyond conventional leadership models that dictate and instead embrace a mindset of collaboration, empathy, and authenticity.

Damian's insights shed light on how to nurture an environment where people are not just led but are inspired to join a shared vision. Join us as we delve into Damian's illuminating book, "Are You Who You Want to Be," and uncover the powerful insights that can reshape the way we approach leadership.

Hosted by Jason Raitz, this episode is a masterclass in cultivating authentic leadership that resonates on a deeper level. Damian Gerke, an expert in leadership and personal development, shares his wisdom on how leaders can forge meaningful connections, foster growth, and truly become the leaders they aspire to be.

Through compelling anecdotes and actionable advice, we explore the essential qualities that empower leaders to make a genuine impact. We explore the concept of aligning one's inner desires with their outward actions, leading to a harmonious and impactful leadership style.

So, are you who you want to be? Once you can answer that question, you will be able to lead with people and not at them.

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