7 phrases that will change your 2023 | Episode 018

2023 is almost here! We are just days away! You have probably started thinking about your goals for the new year or resolutions. What if you take a different approach this year? On today’s episode we challenge you to add or elevate 7 phrases into your life in 2023. These are 7 phrases that we’re challenging you to speak into other people often. Yes, very often. You probably already say or speak a lot of them now, but we are hoping you will elevate their importance. We know that when you do, you will speak life into the people in your world and you will make their worlds better! May 2023 be the year you Speak with People and not at them! Thanks for joining us for the last podcast episode of 2022 and thanks for listening, sharing and leaving a review!

Resources discussed:

Mission Impossible One Year Devotional

Tim Tebow/Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

SWP Podcast The Art Of Listening

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