Becoming a better public speaker | Episode 030

Would you like to become a more effective, emphatic and captivating speaker? Why is it that some speakers make it look so simple when they speak? Can every leader level up their speaking skills? What are some of the practices and learnings that leaders need to know? Well, whether you communicate 1 on 1, on a team, from a stage or from a screen, every leader needs to learn how to inspire their audience to LEAN IN when they speak. If you do, your leadership will only improve because you are truly connecting with people when you speak. In this week’s Speak with People Podcast episode, Jason Raitz is joined by his co-host Dennis Poulette and they dive into the Speak with People Public Speaking Pathway. This is an 8 step journey to becoming a more effective speaker. So, if you want to learn how to get people to listen when you speak, buckle up!

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