The Speaking Pathway PT. 3 | Episode 032

What if there were simple directions that would make becoming a more effective, empathetic and captivating communicator? Would you follow them? Would they be helpful for you? At some point, every leader is going to have to stand in front of a group and speak. Or, be asked to deliver a presentation or influence online. Speak with People has put together a simple but very effective public speaking pathway to help you become a crystal clear, more confident and compelling communicator. You just have to follow the step by step pathway. In this episode on the Speak with People Podcast, Jason Raitz and Dennis Poulette finish this three week series with a final look at the last four steps of the pathway. Have you checked out the pathway yet? Head to Thanks for joining us and for being a part of the podcast! Every like, comment, share and review help us more than you know!

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