The Wisdom Hacker | Episode 033

Wisdom is one of the qualities that we know when we see it. We meet a revered leader and within minutes we’re drawn to them. There’s something about the way they listen, ask questions and then just give the most amazing advice, thoughts or feedback. Wisdom is also something that can provide so much growth for our leadership and our daily living. But, how do we get wisdom? Are some people given more wisdom than others? Is wisdom earned? How do we find out more about it? If we have it, how do we communicate it? Are there ways to give our wisdom away? In today’s Speak with People podcast, we interview Mark Matlock about wisdom. He is the wisdom hacker and this interview is so rich and powerful as we dive into how to unlock some of the best things life has to offer. Thank you so much for joining us, for leaving a review and sharing this podcast.

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