Why is no one listening to me? | Episode 036

Why is no one listening to me? Seriously, I’m frustrated! And if I’m being honest, I’m lost because I honestly don’t know and no one is telling me why they’re not listening. This is all too common in our interpersonal and work relationships. We start to pick up that people just aren’t listening to us. It starts with our spouse or kids or people closest to us just giving us the ‘uh huhs’ and then we graduate to having to be forceful or yell in order for them to listen to us. And then the same thing happens to us at work. Our boss and our team seem to never listen or take our ideas. What can we do? What is getting in the way? In today’s Speak with People episode, Jason and Dennis have an important conversation to figure out if we have bad communication habits getting in the way of people listening to us. Thank you so much for joining us and for being a part of the Speak with People Community!

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